Reflections on Photography

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and that has been my lot but I have always caught and ran with it when I could. I needed something that would help me relax and meditate and for me that is what having my camera does for me it helps me and switch off for at least a while and see the world that little bit clearer. It helps me see the different, odd and quirky things we sometimes miss in life when glued to our phones or playing fun games on them like the new Pokemon Go.

reflection of a Mallard1copyrited
The image on this blog is called Reflections of a Duck and sometimes we need something to help us reflect back on life and how we can move forward with it. I hope my next trip out health depending will be back to see the lovely ducks around Hungerford or perhaps into Oxford and see what beautiful things I can find in and around it to make me smile and hopefully you all will enjoy too.

See you soon



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