Oxford Photographic Society’s First Meeting Of The Year. Or Inspiration Strikes Again.

Wow what an amazing evening and so inspiring we were taken on a magical tour of Britain’s Wildlife by Ivor Porter DPAGB & his images were amazing we went from birds to mammals’ insects to beautiful landscapes. It was a joy to see and we were given many tips and heard what five key things a wildlife photographer needs.

1. A Camera (any kind will do so there is hope for me yet)
2. Know your subject (Basic knowledge like the right time to go to a location etc)
3. Patients
4. Patients and persistence
5. Good Luck

I picked up a fabulous tip on landscapes and how light can lift your picture  but that being in the right place at the right time is key in getting images of wildlife. I also found out that butterfly’s like blackberry bushes and how they got their name the butterfly’s that is not the blackberry bush. It was a wonderful evening altogether and I can’t wait till I am able to get to another meeting soon.

I nearly got a lift home but as it was a short hop to the bus and not raining I made my own way, when I got of the bus I was escorted back to my front door by a neighbors very friendly little cat. It topped the evening off to a tee.

Oh and I am left with the lovely feeling that as long as I like the images I take that is all that matters which makes me very happy and as I mentioned in the title Inspiration strikes again thanks to OPS and Ivor Porter.

Adventures in photography await me!


2016 poster_edited-7


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