The Trout Inn & Godstow Priory the Night of Naomi Riches MBE 156 Challenge

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These images were taken on a very special night and quite a magical one for me and three other members of The Rotary Club of Oxford Spires. On the 17th of September paraolympian Naomi Riches went through Godstow Lock on her world Record challenge to row the Thames in 50 hours or less and she has achieved that. I am so proud of her and feel so lucky to have wished her well that night we were very lucky to see her as she was ahead of schedule a lot of our club members at bridges and locks after ours missed her.

The images I show here are taken on the move as we were walking back through the pitch black after the event. The images of the Trout Inn were taken before we walked up to the lock. Walking back I had to use my flash to see where I was going and pure luck was with me with the images of the priory. You will spot our friends in the distance wearing the Rotary Clubs high visibility jackets for safety.

Thanks to Stephen for the image of Naomi entering Godstow Lock.



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